List of recent articles on Nordic Airpower topics produced by Jan Jørgensen on a freelance basis and published in various international aviation magazines:

Air Forces Monthly, November 2010

Saab's jet trainer - Aircraft profile of the Saab 105


Air Forces Monthly, October 2009

The Swedish Stunner - Report on the Saab MFI-15 Safari/MFI-17 Supporter in Norwegian AF and Danish AF service


Air Forces Monthly, May 2008

Merlin magic - Report from Karup AB, Denmark, on Eskadrille 722's conversion to the Merlin helicopter


Air Forces Monthly, August 2007

Battle Group Gripens - Report from Ronneby AB on the work-up of a new Swedish AF aviation element destined for international operations


Air Forces Monthly, March 2006

Norwegian Arapahos in Kosovo - Visit to Kosovo to report on KFOR helicopter operations


Air Forces Monthly, October 2004

Nordavind 2004, Norwegian F-16's under the Midnight sun - Report from Banak AB in Norway on the most northerly flying exercise in the world


Air Forces Monthly, December 2003

Danish Air Force - The Danish AF is evolving from a garrison-based air arm to an expeditionary air force


Air Forces Monthly, November 2003

Norwegian Air Force in transition - A look at the evolution of Norway's air force


Air Forces Monthly, August 2001

Swedish rapid reaction - For the first time in 40 years Swedish fighters have been tasked for international duties as part of Sweden's new Rapid Reaction unit

Air Forces Monthly, February 2001

Swedish joint helicopter force - Report on the changes that face Sweden's military helicopter force

Aircraft Illustrated, August 2008

Swedens Gripen force - The status of Saab's impressive multi-role fighter in Flygvapnet service


Aircraft Illustrated, November 2007

Eye of the Tiger - Norway's last F-5 Freedom Fighters prepare for retirement


Aircraft Illustrated, February 2006

Delta Blues - the Swedish AF retires its last Saab 37 Viggens


Aircraft Illustrated, January 2005

Viking warriors - Ice cool, the Royal Norwegian AF

Aircraft Illustrated, December 2001

Days of Thunder - Widely regarded as one of the world's most charismatic and potent fighters, the thunderous Saab 37 Viggen has constituted the backbone of the Svenska Flygvapnet (Swedish AF) fighter force since 1971


Combat Aircraft, November 2010

Fighters without borders - Nordic Cross-Border Training


Combat Aircraft, November 2009

Denmark's Merlin Masters - Danish EH.101 Merlin operations


Combat Aircraft, October 2009

North Atlantic Warriors - Norwegian P-3 operations in the Arctic area


Combat Aircraft, January 2005

Delta Blues - Sweden retired the fighter Viggen

Air International, May 2010

C-130J in Danish service - Feature on Denmark's Super Hercules

Air International, May 2010

Norwegian J's - Report on Norway's initial experience with the C-130J

World Air Power Journal, Autumn 2000

Saab SK37E StörViggen - Viggen jammers for Flygvapnet


World Air Power Journal, Summer 2000

Försvarsmaktens Helikopterflottilj - Swedish defence helicopter wing


World Air Power Journal, Autumn 1998

Air Power Analysis - Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)

Fuerza Aerea, No. 117

Guerros del Atlantico Norte - Report on 333 Skvadron P-3 Orion operations at Andøya AB, Norway


Fuerza Aerea, No. 109

Magic Merlin - Report on the introduction of the EH.101 Merlin with Eskadrille 722 at Karup AB, Denmark


Fuerza Aerea, No. 98

Nordic Air Meet 2007 - Report on a joint Nordic air exercise conducted at Lulea AB, Sweden

Fuerza Aerea, No. 74

Operaciones de helicopteros de la KFOR, Arapaho en Kosovo - Report on Norwegian Arapaho detachment in Kosovo

Fuerza Aerea, No. 73

Adios Viggen - Report on the retirement of the Saab 37 Viggen from Flygvapnet service

Fuerza Aerea, No. 70

Los JAS39 de la Fuerza de Reaccion Rapida sueca - Report on Swedish AF JAS39 rapid reaction unit

Fuerza Aerea, No. 60

Despedida del JA37DI Viggen - Report on the ultimate JA37DI fighter Viggen

Fuerza Aerea, No. 57

Nordavind 2004, F-16 noruegos bajo el sol de medianoche - Report on Norwegian F-16 air exercise under the midnight sun

Fuerza Aerea, No. 50

Safari en Noruega - Report on Norwegian AF MFI-15 Safari trainers

Fuerza Aerea, No. 49

Eye of the Tiger, Los ultimos F-5 en Noruega - Report on the last Norwegian F-5 Tigers

Fuerza Aerea, No. 45

Electronicos suecos - Report on Swedish AF electronic warfare assets

Air Fan, No. 306, May 2004

Karines Oro Pajegos, La Force aerienne lituanienne - Report on the Lithuanian Air Force

Air Fan, No. 303, February 2004

Latvijas Gaisaspeki, La Force aerienne lettonne - Report on the Latvian Air Force

Air Fan, No. 298, September 2003

Eesti Ohuvägi, La Force aerienne estonienne - Report on the Estonian Air Force

Air Fan, No. 292, March 2003

Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret, Voler au pays des Vikings - Report on the Norwegian Air Force